Another World Library

Another World Library is currently housed at the Melbourne Art Library at Testing Ground. 

AW is a portable library and art project focused on imagining ecologically and socially just futures through collective world building, learning, and research.  

In 2022 Another World was in residence at Bus Project, Composite Site, and Watch This Space Gallery. At Bus, the collection was available for visitors to read and we held a 6 week course called Utopian Visions based on imagining sustainable futures, queer ecology, and interspecies kinship, co-facilitated by Vincent Silk. 

At Watch This Space, AW ran 3 creative writing and readings workshops on imagining futures of the places we call home. 

In 2023 AW ran a reading group called Communising Care at Composite Site, reading Sophie Lewis’s book Family Abolition, alongside supplementary texts on community care, and the Utopian Visions Course 2; ecology, inter-species kinship and the zoo-opolis, at Composite site, as well as a four-part creative writing workshop for young people in Brimbank. AW was also a guest librarian at the Arts Gen Library at Footscray Arts Center, running a workshop on creatively imagining futures, and curating a selection of books for the library. 

From the Utopian Visions workshops series, a research group called Utopian Visions Research Collective was formed which explores collective ways of learning and imagining futures.